Teravail Oremageddon

Ironton, MN

The Teravail Oremageddon is a cycling event to raise funds for the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails. 100% of the profits from this event go right back into building and maintaining the trails. The Oremageddon is hosted by the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew, a chapter of IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association).


Teravail Oremageddon 50
50 Miles (2 Laps)
4,510 ft vert climb/descend

Teravail Oremageddon 25
25 Miles (1 Lap)
2,255 ft vert. climb/descend

Teravail Oremageddon 12
12 Miles (1/2 Lap)
1,150 ft vert climb/descend

We know you want to let everyone know that you burnt those legs across trails of Cuyuna. It’s called “bragging rights” and nothing lets you brag like a t-shirt.  That is why all those that sign up before Monday September 4th for the 2017 Teravail Oremaggedon 50, Teravail Oremaggedon 25 and Teravail Oremaggedon 12 will get complimentary t-shirt in their racer bag. Note: the cut-off for these shirts is to be pre-registered before Monday September 4th.

As we are seeing a great amount of participants from the entire Midwest, we want to encourage further participation and reward the efforts of those who drive far to impact the local economy through our Crew cycling events.  A large part of the support we have received at the state capitol came from businesses that saw their bottom line get a healthy dose of cycling love via Cuyuna.  So we are going to help you help them and get to show off why you come at the same time with cash prizes and complimentary t-shirts!

Shirt Sizing Chart


The Teravail Oremageddon will be awarding cash prizes to the winners of the race that place in the following:

$100.00 - 1st overall women’s, Teravail Oremageddon 50 (All ages)

$100.00 - 1st overall men’s, Teravail Oremageddon 50 (All ages)

$75.00 - 2nd overall women’s, Teravail Oremageddon 50 (All ages)

$75.00 - 2nd overall men’s, Teravail Oremageddon 50 (All ages)

$50.00 - 3rd overall women’s, Teravail Oremageddon 50 (All ages)

$50.00 - 3rd overall men’s, Teravail Oremageddon 50 50 (All ages)


There will also be awards for the winners in each age bracket.  The cash prize will be awarded to the overall winners across all brackets. On top of these cash prizes, we will also be giving special prizes for the 50th, 100th, 150th and 200th overall finisher (men’s/women’s will be combined).  This is our way of honoring all the racers who brave 50 miles of Cuyuna Red Gold!

Racer Cap

Sometimes too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing.  That certainly can be the case if a race course is too crowded. With that in mind, to maximize the experience and ensure a quality event we will capping the number of participants at 500 racers/riders. That is across the 3 races/rides: the Teravail Oremageddon 50, the Teravail Oremageddon 25 and the Teravail Oremageddon 12.


For more details please visit our website at Teravail Oremageddon 

When & Where

Oct 7, 2017


8:00 AM

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Ironton, MN

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